Colts widget goes live

You should be able to “grab” this widget and send it right to your personal profile page inside most social networking systems. Myspace is the one big exception. If you’re using Myspace, you’ll need to copy the code (near the bottome of the widget) and paste it in by hand.

This widget features action photos of Colts players. We’re sending through XML feed the 8 most recent photos from, and we’ve programmed it so that it will scrol through a slide show shwoing a mixture of different players.

We’re also sending through XML our top news headlines and our most recent video additions. All the links on this site drive traffic back to Aside from giving fans a cool thing to stick on their social network pages, driving traffic to is our main goal.

Please note, Myspace does not automatically allow links to send traffic away from its pages, but we’re working to fix that right now.

We’re also promoting our Super Bowl tickets contest through this widget.

I explained the Colts “widget” strategy in a previous post. You’ll remember we’re working with Clearspring Technologies on this beta project. Clearspring has a widget syndication system that will allow us to get our widget posted into widget galleries, and track where our widget goes on the Web. If it gets grabbed, posted or forwarded to a friend, we’ll know about it.

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Slide and RockYou have been the most talked-about widgets this year, with gaining a little more traction with the MySpace set. Both are impressive products which give users the freedom to express themselves. Even the launch of MySpace’s own service, MySpace slideshows, didn’t put a dent in the popularity of these two slideshow tools. Zingfu, another one of our favorites this year, has also achieved success by allowing users to create funny images of themselves and their friends. Meanwhile, we think Stickam’s live webcams are a killer idea, and the service will be a big success. We’re also hopeful that MyBlogLog, a service that helps communities to form around blogs, will successfully expand to the mainstream in 2007 – they added support for MySpace only a few weeks ago, and we think that could be crucial.

The popular vote, meanwhile, went to Zwinky. The avatar service has a huge, dedicated user base consisting largely of teens. In our original review, we said that Zwinky “will probably be a massive viral success despite a lack of interest from the geek elite”. We stand by that claim going into 2007.